Neil and Maria

About Us

For more than 30 years Neil and Maria Empson, have set the Italian industry on the road to international fame and are still at the forefront of developments, adding exciting new producers to an unparalleled portfolio as they are uncovered. Neil is an Honorary Member of the League of Chianti and a Knight of the Order of Truffles and Wines of Alba. He travels the globe spreading the message and unearthing new treasures. Maria, artist turned business woman, oversees packaging, marketing and promotions. A number of Empson wines feature labels of her design.

Monte Antico is a proprietary label of Neil and Maria Empson. Three and a half decades of passion and experience have gone into the Empsons’ tribute to the heartland of Italy. Their unique affinity to this extraordinary region has led them to make their own mark on Tuscan soil: with the Maestro of Italian winemakers, Franco Bernabei, they have styled the Tuscan grape per eccellenza and expressed its ultimate potential, complementing it with minor percentages of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Land

Monte Antico (which, incidentally, means “ancient mountain”) comes from choice hillside vineyards on diverse soils – compact, very fine-textured limestone, at an altitude of 400-450 meters above sea level; the classic, clayey/calcareous, rocky galestro, also at altitudes around 400 meters; and clayey/siliceous/calcareous soil, at an altitude of 250-300 meters: a cross-section of Tuscany’s best. The finest selections are cherry-picked according to harvest conditions in the individual terroirs and microclimates. This balanced orchestration of geological diversity makes for the wine’s consistent excellence.

The Mission

Our mission has been to maximize the expression of the territory in a glass of wine. With the intent of being able to deliver the best quality every year we have granted ourselves the luxury of being able to hand pick the best grapes amongst 30 plots of land.

But most importantly our aim is to bring to you all the seasons,sunsets,nature and culture all blended together in creating the Italian Experience every sip of the way.....